The Waiting Game

The Waiting Game

We’ve all been there: stuck in an airport terminal, trying to patiently wait out yet another plane delay. That was me last weekend. For three hours, I waited, successfully draining the life out of my iPod, iPhone, iYouNameIt as I watched the monitors continue to tell me I was going nowhere fast.

With each passing hour, we stranded passengers got more and more tense. It was obvious other people were losing just as much interest in their gadgets as I was. That certainly didn’t stop us from continuing to use them, though—ear buds firmly in place, eyes securely fixed on the magazines/books/laptops in front of us. Talking is overrated.

And then the plane came. And so did an ice storm. And delayed changed to cancelled.

I expected mass hysteria. I got the exact opposite. People took out their earphones, put down their gear, and calmly lined up to the customer-service desk to figure out what to do next. And we finally talked. I met a couple trying to get to Vegas for some much-needed rest and relaxation, and a California man who was hoping to get home in time to see his daughter before she went to bed. I overheard three business travelers contrive a plan to rent a car and drive to another airport three hours away to try and catch a flight. Soon after, I saw another passenger invite himself to join in on their road trip. From strangers to comrades in a matter of mere minutes.

None of us was too happy about the situation, that’s for certain, but rather than taking out our anger and frustration on one another, we, instead, bonded—talking, listening, and helping one another out in any way we could.

We Catholics are in a similar waiting period. Our leader for the past almost eight years is now officially resigned, and we eagerly (and maybe a little anxiously) wait to see who will fill his spot. We do not know what direction the Church will take. I hope in the same spirit that I experienced in that airport terminal, we bond together and get through the waiting game.

And eventually, we’ll all get to exactly where we’re supposed to be.


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About the Author

Rachel Zawila is an assistant editor of St. Anthony Messenger magazine. With previous journalism experience in the spa and wine industries, she is skilled in the art of relaxation. An avid traveler, she enjoys meeting new people around the globe, hoping one day to find someone who can pronounce her last name correctly on the first try.