Make It A Great Valentine’s Day!

Make It A Great Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! This is and has been a favorite holiday of mine—whether single or in a relationship. What made it special was not if I received flowers, chocolates, or jewelry. What made it special was making a particular effort that day to let those I loved know that I loved them. I had my list of usual recipients, but occasionally I would reach out to someone that I cared for and knew just needed to hear some kind words. I know I sometimes take those I love for granted, so I welcomed each Valentine’s Day as a reminder to let them know how much I cared.

With all the romantic commercials, street-corner vendors, and direct mail from jewelers and florists, it’s easy to think that Valentine’s Day is all about romance and spending money. But it doesn’t have to be! There are all kinds of ways to show love, and a lot of them don’t cost a penny. Don’t wait for someone to give you a gift or card to make you happy. Create your own happiness by doing something to show love today to those you care about most.

If we judge Valentine’s Day based on what we get from it, there will be many disappointed people today. Some of us are single. Some of us have forgetful significant others. If we approach it as a way to give some love to those around us, we can feel good about affecting one another’s day in a positive way. That is never disappointing!

You don’t need a spouse or significant other to make this Valentine’s Day meaningful, though be sure to include those on your list of people to love *especially* today!


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If you’d like some information about the origins of Valentine’s Day and St. Valentine, check out this page from


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