Lenten Pace e Bene

Lenten Pace e Bene

I broke my ankle two weeks ago.

When the nurse asked about the cast’s color, I chose a bright green to remind me the cast would be off before St. Patrick’s Day. I purposely did not choose purple, the color of Lent. And yet this cast is my Lent.

Having never broken anything before nor ever been handicapped, I am humbled every day by my dependence on others and my dependence on God. God reminds me that I am utterly dependent on Him.

Also, this dependency causes me to be grateful for all God has given: life, love, family, friends, work and… peace. And good.

Pace e bene!


About the Author

Barbara Baker is Franciscan Media’s Director of marketing, sales and internet. She and her husband work with the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s Family Life Office at their monthly pre-Cana weekends. Barbara spends too much time with her iPhone.