Stressed Spelled Backwards

Stressed Spelled Backwards

Do you ever feel like you’re two straws past the one that broke the camel’s back? I consider myself to be pretty easy going. I don’t freak out too easily and I can usually manage to get done everything I need to within an acceptable time frame. So, when I do hit that breaking point…it is not good. Unfortunately, several events and activities are all converging right now and are the source of much anxiety for me.

Without giving the many boring details of all my irons in the fire, I can tell you that I know I am not alone. When I look around at work, at home, and really any place I go, I see others who are also stressed. I know this is not my problem alone. Our culture is all about doing more, more, more!…and with less, less, less!

Suggestions of “take a break” or “try to take your mind off of it” don’t usually work for me, because I can’t stop thinking about all the stuff I should be doing while I’m in the midst of the “break” I should be taking. One way I try to cope is to simply think about the many blessings in my life. Sometimes, I even count the less obvious…like my $300 bill from the plumber (instead of the $5,000 bill of my coworker). Sometimes a healthy dose of perspective helps!

Another coping mechanism I use is to post appropriate Scripture verses in places where I will see them each day. One of my favorites is Philippians 4:13, which basically reminds me that I can do anything through Christ who gives me strength. How can I argue with that? Christ will give me the strength to do what I need to do!

What do you do when you need to de-stress? How do you get through those tough times? Do you have any favorite Scripture verses that help you when you’re struggling?


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Angela Glassmeyer is the institutional marketing and sales manager at Franciscan Media. She is blessed with three amazing children and a husband who both encourages and inspires her. She loves to entertain and feed large crowds of family and friends, but does not love the cleanup that comes with it. Angela has been actively involved at St. James of the Valley for almost twenty years and has served as the PSR coordinator since 2005.