Resolute in the Routine

Resolute in the Routine

New Years has always been an ironic holiday to me. One December minute my friends and I are making resolutions to right all the “wrongs” of the past year, only to follow it up in the next January minute with our requests to return to the routine of things, our bodies worn and tired (and heavier) from all the holiday festivities.

We are fickle creatures, and it’s no surprise that none of us is very good at keeping any resolution. So this year, I’ve decided to be resolute with my routine. Change is inevitable—whether we make a resolution for it or not. So rather than trying to “be the change I want to see” (seen that phrase one too many times on Facebook this new year), I’m going to let the Lord take the lead and focus on what’s directly in front of me. For it’s when you realize how many blessings God bestows on you each day, rather than concentrating on those that you hope are to come, you can’t help but naturally change for the good.



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About the Author

Rachel Zawila is an assistant editor of St. Anthony Messenger magazine. With previous journalism experience in the spa and wine industries, she is skilled in the art of relaxation. An avid traveler, she enjoys meeting new people around the globe, hoping one day to find someone who can pronounce her last name correctly on the first try.