Just Read Words

Just Read Words

Since I work for a publishing company, I love magazine, newspaper, book and online word reading. While the visual power of television, movies and the Internet distract me from reading, I am drawn back to words since it’s where I learn the most about the world and myself.

Last week, I became frustrated by my lack of time for fiction books as well as my weekly New Yorker magazine habit. Work, holidays and family events, along with easy television and Internet access, kept me from reading just words from a book or even a magazine essay.

But a friend gave me a fiction book that caught most of my time this weekend. Yes, a hardcover book passed on to me by a friend.

Also, I tried to read the New Yorker on my iPad but the app kept crashing and I did not have the heart to figure it out since I am distracted often by other online places such as Facebook and Twitter. So, I sat down with my print subscription copy and read the words by the fireplace. Why would I ever want to substitute that for their frustrating iPad app and my online distractions?

I know the digital world is giving us greater access to content through our use of laptops, cell phones, iPads and Kindles. But this weekend, I craved a good hardcover book and a trusted magazine. I just read words.

How are you adjusting to the new ways to read?


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Barbara Baker works in Marketing in Cincinnati, Ohio.
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    I’ll read in just about any form that I can find. I love the portability of e-books, but print books still win out in terms of easy search ability (especially nonfiction). And I never thought I,d like an online newspaper, but recently read a digital “mirror edition” of the Philadelphia Inquirer and it was ALMOST just like the experience of a print edition!