In Glock We Trust?

In Glock We Trust?

According to Greg Horton of Religion News Service, a senior pastor (and assistant police chief) in Pryor, Oklahoma, is pioneering a new outreach program for his church: teaching members and would-be members how to handle a gun. Pastor Derek Melton defends his decision, saying:

“The disciples carried weapons,” Melton said. “Peter cut a man’s ear off. I believe if more honest citizens were armed, the safer our communities would be.”

I believe that if more honest pastors read to the end of that particular story—the part where Jesus tells Peter to put the sword away, for example, or the part where the community of the disciples really doesn’t end up “safer” at least—the safer our faith would be.

There are few level heads left in the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut, horror. Even those who had no opinion on the place of guns in a free society have found themselves suddenly attached to a very emotional point of view on one end of the spectrum or another. But, as Christians, doesn’t our faith call us to something higher? Something like forgiving our enemies? Something akin to turning the other cheek? Something a little less Rambo and a little more Jesus?

I’m inclined to think it does. What do you think?

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