I Didn’t Get What I Wanted for Christmas Either…

I Didn’t Get What I Wanted for Christmas Either…

I’ve been to Atlanta, Georgia, a couple times. Except for the red dirt (which, I’m sorry, is just weird), it seemed like a pretty cool city. Nice architecture, nifty cultural establishments, quirky little news outfit (CNN), super-friendly people. I didn’t meet Zach, though. If I had, I might have found the place less palatable.

Zach, it seems, had nothing better to do on Christmas than to file a petition with the White House asking that the Roman Catholic Church be designated a hate group. Apparently the pope said some things that didn’t sit so well with our friend Zach. Now, I can understand that not everyone agrees with everything the pope says. But isn’t it more reasonable to chalk that up to, I don’t know, a differing worldview, resistance to change, or inept communication than hate?

Zach, I’m sorry you had nothing better to do on Christmas this year. Maybe next year, you could learn a little about some of the good things the Church has done over the years. We’re far from perfect, but most of us do try pretty hard to be pretty decent most of the time.

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