First World Problems

First World Problems

“Ah, first world problems.”

That’s what one of my friends said after I lamented the latest problem with my house: a flooded basement (again) coupled with potentially serious piping issues and the need for costly plumbing work.

My immediate indignant thought was, “Don’t downplay my valid problems.”

But then I thought about it. Images of starving children flooded my mind; a recent Facebook post begging for urgent prayers for a young couple and their unborn baby surfaced in my memory.

I thought about the things that have been causing me stress until the self-pity gave way to the people who would love to trade problems with me—people who would give anything to have a house to complain about.

This post isn’t aimed at downplaying the struggles we face just because we’re not as bad off as most; rather, it is one of realization and gratitude. My problems are valid—my true problem is that I get so wrapped up in my issues that I fail to see my blessings.

Hopefully our trials make us stronger, build character, and bring us closer to God when we realize there’s nothing worldly we can cling to or hope in except the Lord.

My prayer for today:

Lord, help me to clearly see my blessings and to be satisfied with what you’ve given me.

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About the Author

Lindsey Simmons is the publicity, social and digital media manager at Franciscan Media. An animal lover, she shares her home with her rescue cat and dog. She’s a member of St. Gertrude Parish in Madeira, OH, where she’s served on the Stewardship Committee and with the young adult group.
  • crazynluvnit

    Nicely put. It’s so easy to forget to say “Thanks God.”

    • simmonslindsey

      Thank you! :)

  • disqus_6kaiOXmMCz

    oh my gosh- first world problem- that’s exactly what I told myself when I had a lukewarm shower for a second day in a row this morning because apparently the other apartments in the building had gotten to hot water before I had. :) And now, this evening I read this and echo Lindsey, “[M]y true problem is that I get so wrapped up in my own issues that I fail to see my blessings.” Amen, Lindsey Simmons. Instead of mourning lukewarm water next time this happens (and it will), I’m going to rejoice in the blessing of a roof over my head, a steady job, loved ones, and the goodness of God! La paz!