Remote Control

Remote Control

At age 91, my grandfather sometimes has trouble hitting the right buttons on his remote control, which can lead to some interesting programming selections.

A few weeks ago, by way of shaky hands and faltering eyesight, he stumbled into EWTN.

This might qualify as a minor miracle.

Bill Scroggins grew up in the Church of Christ in the South, and as soon as he was old enough to stake his claim to the freedom of adulthood, he stopped attending services. He’s the type who simply doesn’t feel a need for organized religion, though he respects what a church setting means for others.

My grandfather has never been Catholic, and his viewing choices tend toward acronyms such as NCIS, CSI, and SVU—not EWTN.

But as he explained to me, he happened to land on the religious channel just as someone was reciting the “Our Father,” and he found it rather comforting.

Just this past weekend, he recounted for me that once again he had pressed an unknown combination of buttons and wound up on EWTN. We both laughed at the irony of this repeat occurrence, before he noted that he actually didn’t mind starting his day with whatever was happening on the Catholic channel.

Later, it struck me that this seemingly random coincidence might not be so random after all. That’s not to say my grandfather will be saying rosaries or quoting Mother Angelica any time soon.

But maybe, just maybe, Someone Else is controlling that remote!




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Jennifer Scroggins works in Marketing in Cincinnati, Ohio.
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    Randomness doesn’t exist…