Is Normal Really OK?

Is Normal Really OK?

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Ray Guarendi present at the Athenaeum of Ohio. While he was full of words of wisdom, funny stories, and descriptions of family life that hit remarkably close to home, one thing he said keeps bouncing around in my head: Just because something is normal, doesn’t mean it is right.

Think about that for a moment. Let it really sink in. I’ve been mulling it over for weeks.

If I remember correctly, his example centered around children’s behavior—such as back-talking from a 10-year-old might be normal, but does that make it OK? Over the last few weeks, I’ve been reflecting on this in more ways than just relating to disciplining children. How many other things in my life have I let slide because it was normal, even though it wasn’t right?

What about repeatedly checking your phone in the middle of a lunch conversation with your mother? What about watching TV while trying to have a family dinner? These are two things that are fairly common and arguably normal these days. But, does that make them OK?

These are just a couple of examples (that I’m guilty of sometimes, too). How many things in our lives could fall into this category? How many things do we say are OK when they really aren’t—because “everybody does it”?

I’ve been thinking about this almost every day since I heard Dr. Ray speak. I’ve been thinking about how I can improve on those things that I’ve let slide because “everybody does it.” My New Year’s resolution will be to change at least one thing I’ve identified like that in my life. I challenge you to think about it and do the same.



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Angela Glassmeyer is the institutional marketing and sales manager at Franciscan Media. She is blessed with three amazing children and a husband who both encourages and inspires her. She loves to entertain and feed large crowds of family and friends, but does not love the cleanup that comes with it. Angela has been actively involved at St. James of the Valley for almost twenty years and has served as the PSR coordinator since 2005.