Advent Anxiety

Advent Anxiety

Every year, my neighbors decorate their homes with lovely Christmas decorations that first weekend following Thanksgiving. I love the lights, the greenery, the creche sets and even the blown-up Grinch and Charlie Brown figures.

But I must confess it causes me anxiety. Because, while I am drawn to Christmas decorations, I believe I must preserve Advent as a decorating event.

So I frantically pull out my window lights, Advent calendar, Advent wreath and the hard-to-find purple and pink candles, and decorate away. Then there’s the book selection: what will we use each evening as we prepare for Christmas? This year, I chose A Catholic Family Advent (on sale this week and receiving rave reviews on Amazon).

When we finally get the Christmas tree the weekend before Christmas, all Advent decorating has been abandoned. So I enjoy preserving this time of quiet anticipation for our Coming Christ.

And I remember that Jesus’ mother, Mary, was anxious as well at this time. Because, soon, dark anxiety would become light for life!

(Photo from my Instagram posts. Join me there?)


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Barbara Baker works in Marketing in Cincinnati, Ohio.