Are Your Priorities Straight?

Are Your Priorities Straight?

One second. That’s all it takes to remind you exactly what your priorities are, or at least what they should be. I know. This past weekend, my dad fell. Not just any fall; he fell down my parents’ front porch steps…onto concrete. Oh, and did I mention he’s 78 years old? Luckily, his guardian angels were working overtime, because despite his injuries, it could have been much worse.

Feeling helpless, I immediately reached out to friends and family and asked for the only thing I could think of, and that was prayers.

Before his fall, I was worrying about Christmas decorations, presents, all the trappings of the season. Not anymore. I’m just sorry that it took something like this to remind me what I should be focusing on. There are so many things we allow to be distractions in our lives, and unfortunately it often takes something drastic to bring our priorities back into focus.

So I’m asking you. No, I’m begging you. This season—and beyond—slow down and take in what really matters. This year who cares if my tree isn’t perfect or if I don’t find time to bake cookies. I’ve already gotten the best Christmas gift I could ever ask for. And his picture’s right up there in the corner. In that spirit, I hope you take a second to stop and focus on your priorities this season, because everything could change in just one second.


About the Author

By day, Susan Hines-Brigger is the managing editor of St. Anthony Messenger. By night, she and her husband, Mark, are the caretakers and social directors for their four kids: Maddie, Alex, Riley, and Kacey.
  • simmonslindsey

    Needed this…loved it. Thank you, Susan. I’m so happy your dad is OK.

  • Bill

    Now that’s an excellent question. In this day and age, what are our priorities? If we prioritize our homes and families and jobs and so forth, then we base the center of our lives upon those things, all of which will eventually fade and die. But Jesus said, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” Matthew 6:33. According to the Lord, prioritizing God before all else results in all of our earthly needs being fulfilled. Now that’s better than trying to put ourselves and our interests ahead of God, which, I’m afraid, many of us do. God first before all else is the best priority in the universe.