Routines, Habits and Commands

Routines, Habits and Commands

My morning routine includes brewing two cups of coffee. I disturb the quiet as I grind the beans and pour the measured water. I then make cereal as I wait for the brewed coffee smell to fill the kitchen. This routine comforts me as I ready for each day.

Many mornings, I drink this coffee while reading a spiritual book or the Bible.

One of my recent selections has been Mary Sperry’s new book, Ten: How the Commandments Can Change Your Life. The Ten Commandments as life-changers seemed far-fetched to me so, with a sip of my coffee, I began to read.

Mary’s book took me through each of the Ten Commandments and encouraged me to see them as habits, to see them, not unlike my morning coffee, a daily way to keep me connecting with God.

I learned that the Second Commandment—You shall not take the name of the Lord, your God in vain—leads me to seeking further intimacy with God. Mary encouraged me to seek that intimacy with a developed habit for prayer and reconciliation.

The Fifth Commandment—You shall not kill—requires recognizing the dignity of each human being.  The daily habit here is choosing to respect each person God has me interact with that day, whether family or co-worker.

Do the Ten Commandments challenge you each day? Would you like them to? Consider Mary Sperry’s challenge: make them daily habits.



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Barbara Baker works in Marketing in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Jason Roebuck

    At the risk of sounding holier than I am, I would say that if the 10 commandments don’t challenge you, than you are not following them…Letter or spirit…Thanks for the post, it helps to see them as a challenge sometimes…Winning, this morning, by the grace of God!