On a Mission: Catholic Authors and Publishers

On a Mission: Catholic Authors and Publishers

The publishing industry was stable and predictable for many years—today it is filled with uncertainty and challenges that impact authors and publishers alike. In the Catholic world, beyond mere profit, both publishers and authors continue to seek ways to use media to serve the Church and reach a needy world. To answer the call of the New Evangelization, what should authors be writing? What should publishers be publishing?

This is an ongoing conversation here at Servant Books. The mission of Catholic authors and publishers will be part of a panel discussion I’ll be a part of later this month at the 20th Annual Conference of the Society of Catholic Social Scientists (www.scssconference.org/list-of-speakers.php). Questions around this topic generated a lively discussion during the Catholic Writers Guild’s publisher panel at the CMN conference last August. One of the takeaways was that our readers are seeking books that do more than merely present theological truth or factual information; they are hungry for content that speaks to the head and the heart . . . books that help them to realize that they are loved by God . . . books that draw them into an encounter with Christ on a personal level.

It’s a challenge for authors, because it demands that they are experiencing God’s love in their own lives and are transparent enough to share from their hearts.

It’s a challenge for publishers, because with so many manuscripts and limited resources, they must discern what books will not only sell but also meet a felt need in the marketplace.

Beyond the uncertainty and challenges, however, this a time of real opportunity for Catholic authors and publishers to use their creativity, skills, and expertise—and their authentic experience of what it means to be Catholic—to impact an increasingly secular world. In my opinion, together we make a powerful difference!

What kinds of books are you reading these days?

What kinds of books would you like to see more of from Catholic publishers?


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