Jimmy Buffet comes to Cincinnati almost every year. I’m one of the few people who have never gone to one of his concerts. A few months back, my friend Ryan was assembling a group to go. This is how the text conversation went down:

“We R goin 2 Buffet in August. U coming?”
“Are you drunk?”
“Come on! Y not?”
“Because I’m not 20.”
“Heffron, UR so old!”

The word “old” rang in my ears for days. Am I? Why? Because I’d rather stay home and read, watch television, or share a bottle of decent Merlot with a couple friends instead of navigating a sea of drunken parrot heads at a Buffet concert? Suddenly I realized that, yes, I am getting older. I’m 37. I don’t get carded anymore. Young people call me “Sir.” My shoulders now warn me of impending rain. And I can clearly remember when Baby Jessica fell into the well.

Then, a week or so later, my aunt called to ask if I wanted to join her at a friend’s house for a music appreciation evening. The subject: Tchaikovsky. This is how the phone conversation went down:

“Would you like to come?”
“Are you drunk?”
“How do you know you won’t have fun until you try?”
“Well, I’ve never tried cranial acupuncture, either.”

Then it hit me: I’m at the perfect age—for me. I can look ahead and see 40 a lot better than I can see 20 behind me—and that’s ok. I can follow trends and slang of younger folks while still being a healthy distance away from AARP. I’m on a journey—as we all are—and thankfully my legs are still strong. I am where God wants me to be.

Thirty-seven isn’t a bad age to be: too old for Buffet and too young for Tchaikovsky.

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