Life is Good

Life is Good

Let us be silent, that we may hear the whispers of God.   – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Recently, as I was floating on my back in the pool, completely relaxed, I said to myself, Ahh, life is good. Later that day, as I devoured a delicious bowl of ice cream, again I said, Life is good!

I find that I say that a lot. In fact, I am convinced God has provided a good life for me.

By a good life I don’t mean expensive things that money can buy. The good life to me is things God gives me in so many different, smaller ways. Celebrating the good life in the smaller things keeps me from being aggravated by the things life throws at you every day.

Life is hectic. Take a moment and find a quiet place so that you can realize that God has given you a good life, too. Enjoy the little things–a quiet walk, a great dinner, time with friends and family. Only God can fulfill your every need and offer you the good life. When you have that “life is good moment” hold on to it and know that God gave it to you.

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