“Catholics Get It”

“Catholics Get It”

“Catholics get it. Catholics get the sacraments.” This was the message of the homily I heard this past Sunday. Sacraments connect the things of God with the things of earth. Catholicism isn’t a heady, intellectual faith. It’s woven into our lives, experienced with all of our senses.

As with all good homilies, I’ve been thinking about it in the days since Sunday. Because the other thing that Catholics understand is ritual.  And remembrance. The past and the present are intertwined in a way that mere words can’t explain. Images and gestures come closer.

Another September 11 has come and gone. Each year I think, “This year it will be just one more day.” Then I wake up and recall the way the whole day unfolded eleven years ago. I can’t really explain the ongoing effect. But I no longer try. It’s enough to remember, to honor the moment, to move on. Nothing is lost. Nothing is forgotten. Everything we experience shapes who we are and what we believe.


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Diane M. Houdek is Digital Editor for Franciscan Media as well as an editor in the book department. She is the author of Lent with St. Francis, Advent with St. Francis and Pope Francis and Our Call to Joy. She is an avid knitter and spinner and shares her home with four rambunctious dogs. Born and raised in Wisconsin, she has tried her hand at urban farming and a host of other pursuits and hobbies.