Take Five

Take Five

On a recent trip to Sam’s, I found myself pushing around a cart overflowing with groceries—and heavy ones at that. In addition, I had my five-week old daughter in her car seat in the shopping cart. As I approached the checkout line, she started crying. In the few short weeks she has been alive, I have already learned that she is hard to pacify while she is in her car seat. Finding myself in a pickle—trying to simultaneously unload the groceries to pay for them and soothe my now screaming daughter while keeping her in her seat—I wasn’t quite sure what to do.

After unloading the last of my groceries and moving up to the cashier, I noticed the man that had checked-out in front of me had returned to the register. He smiled and said to the cashier “I just came back in to help this young lady. She looks like she has her hands full. Just load the heavy stuff in this cart. Since she just met me, I’m sure she wouldn’t want a stranger pushing her new baby.”

I was amazed. If someone had said “Can I help you with something?” I would have said no, not wanting to be a bother to anyone. The fact that this man I did not know came back in the store simply to help me was wonderful. He pushed one of my now two carts out to the car and loaded everything into the back of my minivan, all while I took care of my new baby girl. Then, he took the carts to the cart corral and said good-bye and good luck.

It really made me feel good, that five minutes he took from his day to help me. How often we forget what little effort it takes to make a difference in someone’s day. How often we want to think that people like the man at Sam’s don’t really exist anymore. I challenge all of us to make helping others the rule and not the exception in our lives. Take just five minutes out of each day to make a difference in someone else’s day. I bet it will ultimately make our own days better, too.

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About the Author

Angela Glassmeyer is the institutional marketing and sales manager at Franciscan Media. She is blessed with three amazing children and a husband who both encourages and inspires her. She loves to entertain and feed large crowds of family and friends, but does not love the cleanup that comes with it. Angela has been actively involved at St. James of the Valley for almost twenty years and has served as the PSR coordinator since 2005.