Liberty + Vine: Hope in a Digital Format

Liberty + Vine: Hope in a Digital Format

As my family and friends know, it’s easy for me to get lost. Happens all the time. Unless you write out directions so explicit a third grader could follow them, I’ll lose my way. Bank on it.

Recently I was driving through a part of eastern Kentucky I had never been before. Lost, I called my dad—who could find Jimmy Hoffa if you asked him—to help me out of this quandary.

“Where exactly are you?”
“If I knew that I wouldn’t be lost.”
“Where are you headed?”
“What do you mean?”
“North, South, East, West?”
“One of the four, I’m sure.”

Eventually, I found where I was headed. It took a clear head from me and patience from my dad. But this will happen again, I’m sure.

Liberty + Vine, the new monthly digital magazine from Franciscan Media, is designed for spiritual Seekers who, like me, get lost sometimes on the bigger drive: the spiritual journey. Each month, the writers/editors/designers of this labor of love want nothing more than to meet people where they are on their paths.

Each issue of Liberty + Vine offers:

  • My take: a reflection
  • Keep it Simple: tips for living simply
  • Pop Culture: what’s going on in music, movies, politics
  • Reel Time: a film review
  • Channel Surfing: a TV review
  • One main article
  • An editorial
  • News items
  • Did You Know: a Q&A
  • Inspiring Lives: biographies of saints
  • Saints Among Us: people today doing extraordinary things

The Liberty + Vine staff would like to help readers bridge their spiritual lives with their day-to-day lives. And there’s something in it for everybody: single parents who have lost touch with their spiritual roots, Mass-going families, young and hungry faith seekers.

We’re all on a journey here. Liberty + Vine hopes to reflect and celebrate that. Think of it as GPS for the soul.

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About the Author

Christopher Heffron is the associate editor and social media editor of St. Anthony Messenger magazine, and the manager of its digital edition. A seeker at heart, he loves music, film, good writing, pop culture, and useless information.