Liberty + Vine: Hope in a Digital Format

Liberty + Vine: Hope in a Digital Format

As my family and friends know, it’s easy for me to get lost. Happens all the time. Unless you write out directions so explicit a third grader could follow them, I’ll lose my way. Bank on it.

Recently I was driving through a part of eastern Kentucky I had never been before. Lost, I called my dad—who could find Jimmy Hoffa if you asked him—to help me out of this quandary.

“Where exactly are you?”
“If I knew that I wouldn’t be lost.”
“Where are you headed?”
“What do you mean?”
“North, South, East, West?”
“One of the four, I’m sure.”

Eventually, I found where I was headed. It took a clear head from me and patience from my dad. But this will happen again, I’m sure.

Liberty + Vine, the new monthly digital magazine from Franciscan Media, is designed for spiritual Seekers who, like me, get lost sometimes on the bigger drive: the spiritual journey. Each month, the writers/editors/designers of this labor of love want nothing more than to meet people where they are on their paths.

Each issue of Liberty + Vine offers:

  • My take: a reflection
  • Keep it Simple: tips for living simply
  • Pop Culture: what’s going on in music, movies, politics
  • Reel Time: a film review
  • Channel Surfing: a TV review
  • One main article
  • An editorial
  • News items
  • Did You Know: a Q&A
  • Inspiring Lives: biographies of saints
  • Saints Among Us: people today doing extraordinary things

The Liberty + Vine staff would like to help readers bridge their spiritual lives with their day-to-day lives. And there’s something in it for everybody: single parents who have lost touch with their spiritual roots, Mass-going families, young and hungry faith seekers.

We’re all on a journey here. Liberty + Vine hopes to reflect and celebrate that. Think of it as GPS for the soul.

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About the Author

Christopher Heffron is the associate editor and social media editor of St. Anthony Messenger magazine, and the manager of its digital edition. He is also the editor of,, and this blog site.