Nuns on the Bus

Nuns on the Bus

U.S. sisters (a.k.a. “nuns”) received loads of attention from certain Vatican offices these last few months. Whether it’s the apostolic visitation report, the assessment of the LCWR or the critique of a book, if you follow Catholic websites and blogs, one would think this is the only news nuns are making these days.

But did you know there are a number of nuns who launched a bus tour yesterday on behalf of the poor?






This good Catholic guy does.

I think it’s time we all learned more here.

Want to meet in person a nun who believes in political outreach on behalf of the poor? Look here to see if “Nuns on the Bus” will be stopping at a city near you.

Maybe I’ll clear my schedule and be with them next Monday, June 25, at 10 a.m.?

For sure, I’ll be following along on Twitter using the hashtag #nunsonthebus.

Thanks, Sisters!


Photo credit: Jackie Kostek


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  • AJ

    God bless those wonderful women of God for their example of commitment to the teachings of Christ!  

  • greg araujo

    Let us pray for honest hard working nuns that shine a light in the world. We must also for the conversion of the fake nuns on the bus that they may learn obedience and charity, instead of loyalty to left wing politics and the killing of the unborn.