Catholic and Confident

Catholic and Confident

This October there will be a world-wide symposium of Catholic bishops to discuss the topic of the New Evangelization. I’m all in favor of evangelization, new or old. But the word “evangelization” is one of those words that makes me glaze over. It sounds too intimidating—something for the experts but not something I could pull off. That’s why I love the new book Catholic and Confident: Simple Steps to Share Your Faith by Henry Libersat. Deacon Libersat has spent his life sharing the good news of Jesus Christ through simple daily circumstances.

As he says in the introduction: “True evangelization relies on God’s love and the truth and power of his Word. It is both gentle and friendly…When we share our faith, Jesus is our model. He had compassion on the unbeliever. He met people on their own level, and he spoke their language—in parables and stories they could understand.”

Libersat follows well in this model of Jesus because his book is full of stories I can understand. Sharing faith does not require a degree in theology, although knowledge of Church teaching is important; rather, evangelization is rooted in love for others and meeting them at the point of their need.

There is an old song that says, “They’ll know we are Christians by our love.” Not only will they know we are Christians, but by our love they will come to know Christ.

If, like me, you lack confidence to share your faith, this book will empower you.

I’d love to hear ways you have found to share Christ’s love and presence in ordinary daily circumstances.

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