‘The Ferrari Might Be Next’

‘The Ferrari Might Be Next’

One day, I looked up and I was 35 years old.

A few months later, I looked up and a disturbing number of my friends were facing issues with their marriages. Big issues. As in, “I think I might leave” issues.

It’s affecting friends male and female alike, at varying stages in their marriages, and it’s happening for a variety of reasons.

Some of these couples have children; others don’t. Some are fighting; others are barely talking. Some are going to counseling; others have tried it to little avail; still others are on the brink of just giving up.

One friend used the term “mid-life crisis” almost jokingly. “Watch out, the Ferrari might be next,” my friend wrote in an e-mail.

All alone, together

Gags aside, though, I’m starting to think this mid-life crisis thing is more than just a convenient device to wrap movie plots around.

There’s really something happening here to a group of people I love, all between the ages of 30-45. And if I’m honest about it, I think it’s happening to me, too.

The good news is, we’re not alone. The bad news is … we’re not alone.

It begs the question: What’s causing all of this emotional turmoil and upheaval?

I wonder if we have unrealistic expectations for what life can or should hold. I also wonder if many of us have based major life decisions on the expectations of others.

What I most wonder is how we all can get through this and help each other in the process. (I frequently catch myself giving advice before I think, “Seriously? What do I know about anything?”)


Have you been through major periods of uncertainty and questioning? How did you find peace?

Where did you find the answers?


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About the Author

Jennifer Scroggins works in Marketing in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Akschlosberg

    The answers for me were found in reassessing my life. I had placed my husband and my children before God. Without God in charge things can go wrong and quickly. I started going to daily mass, praying without stopping. I also started talking with my parish priest. IT has been about 9 months since I started my family down the road of a closer relationship with God and I can only say it has been quite the adventure. It has turned my marriage around. God really can heal marriages. All marriages are going to go through stale times. We become to know each other so well, we can finish each others sentences. Our human nature begs us to see excitement everyday, and when it isn’t there we can sometimes go looking for it in all the wrong places. But when we turn to God and seek him instead of worldy things, it is transforming. A book I read Marriage 911, was a great start to understanding the issues. God must come first. God will heal your marriage. The arguments, the fighting is all the devil’s work. You can have a great marriage after 20 years, but it takes effort. Make the effort to place God first. Your marriage can be saved.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for sharing your helpful and hopeful post. What a great reminder that God must come first in every aspect of our lives.

      Our company, Franciscan Media, actually published “Marriage 911.” (Servant Books is one of our imprints.) So wonderful to hear that you found it helpful. God bless you and your family! :)