Meet Chris Padgett

Meet Chris Padgett

I had the pleasure recently of sitting down for an interview with Chris Padgett, husband, father, convert, singer-songwriter-musician and youth minister. He and his wife, Linda, brought six of their nine children with them when they visited the offices of Franciscan Media. In the hour we spent together, I found Padgett to be thoughtful, empassioned, animated and deeply spiritual.

The following is an excerpt from the article that came from that interview. It is one of seven articles featured in the May issue of St. Anthony Messenger. Take a look!

Chris Padgett cannot keep still. In the hour we’ve spent together, Padgett, though seated, has burned more calories than most runners can manage in a 5K. Talking with his hands, legs bouncing and eyes aglow as he speaks, Padgett, as a family member once quipped, may be the reason Ritalin was invented. But his enthusiasm is infectious. It’s also proven successful.

Padgett, 42, wears many hats. He’s a devoted family man. He and his wife, Linda, have been married for more than 20 years and are the parents of (grab a seat): Hannah, Sarah, Madeline, Noah, Kolbe, Mary, Jude, Joe and Ella.

He’s a musician who’s released nine albums as a solo artist (The Rosary Project is a recent one) and as a former member of the Christian music group Scarecrow and Tinmen.

He’s both student and teacher. Currently an adjunct professor of theology at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, Padgett is also studying for his doctorate at the International Marian Research Institute in Dayton, Ohio.

He is a published author of Spirituality You Can Live With, Wholly Mary and coauthor (with Linda) of Not Ready for Marriage, Not Ready for Sex (all from Servant Books) and a popular speaker who’s traveled the world over.

But, foremost, Padgett is an impassioned Catholic who percolates with excitement about his faith.

“It’s easy to become cynical and lackadaisical in the faith,” Padgett says. “Bottom line: I want to be a good father, a good husband, a good friend and a good neighbor. I won’t achieve that excellence if I remain complacent.”

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  • Sanorared

    Great article, Chris…I think you brought Chris Padgett to life for many readers. He is a good guy using much of his energy doing many, many wonderful things in God’s name. I am sure it was a pleasure to meet him.