Five Choices

Five Choices

I listened to a Franklin Covey webinar about being more productive last week during my lunch break. (I’m a bit of a productivity nut.) I came away very inspired by five choices to keep in mind every day:

  1. Act on the important; don’t react to the urgent. This is especially true when dealing with e-mail.
  2. Go for extraordinary; don’t settle for ordinary. Redefine your rolesfor instance, if you work in product development like me, you might say, “I’m a business catalyst building a trusted, reputable brand that attracts a growing market through innovative, inspirational products distributed via social media as well as traditional channels.”
  3. Schedule the big rocks; don’t sort gravel. If you focus on what’s really important, the “gravel” fits in around that.
  4. Rule your technology; don’t let technology rule you. Use technology to increase your productivity, not distract you.
  5. Fuel the fire; don’t burn out. Make sure to recharge your physical, mental, and spiritual batteries regularly.

I like these five choices—they are simple yet profound, and they are helping me to make good decisions about where to invest my time, attention, and energy. What do you think? What are some key things that help you to be more productive?




About the Author

Claudia Volkman is a director of product development for Servant Books. She and her husband, Scott, live in Florida, where she enjoys walking, knitting, and spending time with her Corgis.
  • Carole

    Good reminder, Claudia, of these key principles. Thanks!