A Lesson from Twitter

A Lesson from Twitter

“Every person or institution will eventually let us down. Our ultimate trust must be in God and we will never be disappointed.”

This was a tweet I stumbled across from Cardinal Dolan that really resonated with me. I so often fall into the trap of being continually shocked and disappointed when friends or family members fail me in some way—or I perceive that they do. I sometimes forget that they are imperfect humans, as am I.

I also used to lump happiness and joy into the same category, being that happy and joyful are synonymous. I don’t think it was until shortly after my college years that I figured out for myself that false happiness from earthly pleasures is fleeting, while true joy—rooted in God—is constant and unwavering.

One of my favorite examples of true joy manifested comes from St. Maximilian Kolbe. Amidst the horrors of a Nazi concentration camp, this great saint calmly led his fellow prisoners in prayer and song despite intense mental and physical suffering. St. Maximilian’s comfort and happiness might have been eradicated, but the Nazi soldiers couldn’t touch his joy.

Cardinal Dolan’s tweet is like the salvific continuation of a quote you’ve probably seen floating around on various social media sites: “Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.” (This has been attributed to Bob Marley.)

True, Bob, and I do like that quote. But I’d rather have a lasting, true joy amidst the bouts of fleeting suffering and happiness—one that nobody can ever take away from me.


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    started listening to the catholic channel on sirius…loved then bishop now cardinal dolan…he is the real deal