Words of Hope and Wisdom

Words of Hope and Wisdom

Ever have one of those days?

We all do! And I was having one recently when I found myself thinking, “I am getting nowhere. Nowhere at all.”

So I sought some inspiration by walking down to the office of Franciscan Media’s books managing editor, Katie Carroll, whose shelves are stuffed with decades worth of titles.

I did some paging until I found the words I was looking for (without knowing exactly what they would be).

In “Safely Through the Storm,” Debra Herbeck has compiled 120 reflections to bring us hope when we need it most. This thought came from Dorothy Day:

“I should know by this time that just because I feel that everything is useless and going to pieces and badly done and futile, it is not really that way at all. Everything is all right. It is in the hands of God. Let us abandon everything to Divine Providence.”


(Look for Herbeck’s next book from Franciscan Media and Servant Books, “Firmly On the Rock,” next month!)


Photo: freedigitalphotos.net/Sura Nualpradid


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Jennifer Scroggins works in Marketing in Cincinnati, Ohio.