The Gifts of Motherhood

The Gifts of Motherhood

Spring is finally making its appearance in New England—it’s lovely to see the trees budding a little more each day, the grass becoming greener, and early spring flowers blossoming after a long, gray winter. And Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Both my mother and my mother-in-law are no longer living, so there’s a little less to celebrate in my family these days. But Mother’s Day is a good way to affirm and spoil my daughter-in-law (or “daughter-in-love,” as my mother-in-law always referred to me). Having raised two sons, it’s a treat to buy gifts for a daughter. This year, along with a pampering pedicure kit, my gift to her will be Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle’s new book, Embracing Motherhood. As Donna says in the Introduction:

“This book is not about the perfect Catholic family—so you don’t have to put it down if you feel yours is imperfect! There are many kinds of families today: traditional two-parent families; single-parent, blended, and foster families; grandparents raising their grandchildren. This is not a book of fluff either. You’ll be reading about the realities of a mother’s life with all its delights and heart-wrenching circumstances. You’ll find, I hope, encouragement, affirmation and solidarity with someone who has been in the trenches too…”

I think this book is really the perfect Mother’s Day gift—for mothers young and old alike!

What gifts do you like to give and receive on Mother’s Day?


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