Moved by Faith–Even When I’m Busy

Moved by Faith–Even When I’m Busy

It seems that since the beginning of the year I have been non-stop busy. Don’t worry; I won’t bore you with the details! Have you ever been that busy? Too busy to socialize, to read, to luxury shop–oh, and did I say READ! One of my joys in life is to read. I especially like books that inspire me.

Recently I have been reading a lovely book by Judy Zarick titled Moved by Faith, Stories from American Catholic Radio.

Each day at lunch time I would grab my book and mentally jump into the extraordinary stories of ordinary people. Moved by Faith is an easy book to read when you are busy. Short stories that will inspire you, delight you and make you want more the next day.

For me the underlying current in the stories is God’s love being shown through ordinary people in many different ways. To quote Judy in her introduction, “In essence, these people are taking the message of Jesus Christ and ‘putting shoes on the gospel.’”

So dear friends, if you are looking for a book to inspire and delight you I would recommend Moved by Faith. Look for it in bookstores or visit our online catalog. 


About the Author

Tammy Monjaras serves as the director of the customer satisfaction division. As an avid reader, she loves speaking to customers about the latest books Franciscan Media offers. Tammy is a native Texan but has called Cincinnati home for the past 15 years with her husband, Richard, children and grandchildren.