I Love This Job

I Love This Job

“Mr. Sparks is on the line.”

That was what I heard in my headset while I was waiting for my interview with author Nicholas Sparks. He had agreed to an interview with St. Anthony Messenger in conjunction with the release of the film The Lucky One based on his novel by the same name.

When I had posted on Facebook that I would be interviewing him, I was amazed by the overwhelming response I got. I guess I knew how popular Mr. Sparks was, but apparently I didn’t realize HOW popular he was.

“I love his books.”

“You are so lucky.”

“Ask him…..”

I must confess, I hadn’t read many of his books, or seen a lot of his movies–four kids kind of hamper my book reading and movie watching time–so I was appreciative of the input, and I was excited to see what makes this author tick.

And he did not disappoint. Nicholas Sparks made for a fascinating interview that I look forward to turning into a feature for a future issue of St. Anthony Messenger. Keep your eyes open. He’ll be worth the wait.

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By day, Susan Hines-Brigger is the managing editor of St. Anthony Messenger. By night, she and her husband, Mark, are the caretakers and social directors for their four kids: Maddie, Alex, Riley, and Kacey.
  • Sdigman

    Looking forward to it, Susan!

  • Akschlosberg

    It as a shame the movie was a little steamy for PG-13. I took my daughters to see it and sat praying to God that they would not be harmed by the sex scenes in the movie. I love Nicholas Sparks books, but will not be going again with my children due to the mishandling of the rating and content. The people depicted were not married and were going against the catholic teaching on “sex before marriage”, or more importantly on the bible’s teaching on fornication. IT did give us some opportunity to talk about this topic, but I was ashamed to say I took my two girls to see this one..