‘God Bless You’

‘God Bless You’

No, I didn’t sneeze. I just helped an elderly woman who was much (much) shorter than I am put her bag into an overhead bin on an airplane. “God bless you,” she said to me in thanks.

She didn’t say it quietly, or loudly for that matter, but she said it like she meant it. I heard her, and I’m sure others did, too, and for them, it was probably in one ear and out the other. But for me, it stuck. So much so I’m writing about it one week later.

God—he is always present, we know, in our thoughts and hearts—but how often do we make him outwardly present?

I know I don’t do enough to make him so. Often, my response to a sneeze is the automatic “bless you,” but I leave God out of it. But guess what? God even wants to be included in the messy parts of our lives.

If this one woman’s blessing got me thinking so much about God’s presence in my life, and in others’, imagine what could happen if we all started bringing God back into the conversation. I’m sure we’d all be happy to receive his blessings more, whether we sneeze or not.


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Rachel Zawila is an assistant editor of St. Anthony Messenger magazine. With previous journalism experience in the spa and wine industries, she is skilled in the art of relaxation. An avid traveler, she enjoys meeting new people around the globe, hoping one day to find someone who can pronounce her last name correctly on the first try.
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    In Venezuela all the moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas, uncles and aunts, godmothers and godfathers bless the kids all the time! It is normal to say to your elders Bless me!  when you see them or when you are leaving or when you are going to bed not only when you sneeze.