Faithful Citizenship

Faithful Citizenship

Last Tuesday, I attended an event hosted by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati to address the topic of Faithful Citizenship. I was a little bit skeptical of how someone would present this topic without seeming to be from one side of the political fence or the other. John Carr, the Executive Director of the Department of Justice, Peace, and Human Development for the USCCB, gave the presentation. It was a good presentation, although shortened to fit the time he had to present.

The main idea that I took from the presentation was this: we are not called to be democrats or republicans, conservatives or liberals. We are called to follow the teachings of the Church, by forming and using our consciences. Whether we are “one-issue voters” or look at many issues, the reason should be because we have an understanding of Church teaching and we apply our consciences when we choose a candidate. It’s quite possible that one candidate does not hold to all of the values and priorities our Church does. But, it is our duty as U.S. citizens and as Catholics to vote—and to vote for the person we believe will best represent our values (which hopefully match the values of the Catholic Church).

Additionally, if it seems that candidates are regularly not meeting all the criteria you have for them…maybe you should get involved. Run for office, work within political parties, contact your elected officials—be part of the change you seek.

If you’d like further information on this topic, here are a couple of places you should visit:

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    Sound thinking would lead to re-citizenship;or start thinking of emigration.Babylon will
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