A Good Friday Tradition

A Good Friday Tradition

Tomorrow morning, I will be gathering up my oldest daughter’s Girl Scout troop and heading to the base of one of Cincinnati’s many hills. Our goal? To pray the steps leading to Holy Cross-Immaculata Parish in Mt. Auburn. It is a local tradition that I have known since childhood when my dad, who grew up in that neighborhood, first introduced my sisters and I to it.

As part of the tradition, people gather along the stairs leading up to the church and pray the rosary, one step at a time. New step, new prayer. Throughout the process you are surrounded by only the sounds of the world around you —birds chirping, traffic, the wind blowing, boat horns blaring on the Ohio river. In the midst of our noisy world, it is truly a blessed and unique experience.

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to write an article for St. Anthony Messenger on the tradition. You can read it here. I was lucky enough to be able to include my father, son and one of my daughters in the process. Three generations walking together, praying together. It was a truly blessed moment.

So tomorrow I will once again gather two of my kids, my troop, some of their siblings and parents—and maybe my dad, if he’s up for it—and head to Mt. Auburn to continue the tradition.

You can watch a video interview with Father Marty Moran, pastor of Holy Cross-Immaculata here.

Photo by Don Nesbitt


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