‘All Things Work for Good’

‘All Things Work for Good’

I started with a migraine during Mass on Sunday. Those of you who suffer from headaches of any sort probably know that medicine has a better chance of being effective the earlier you take it during an attack. With a migraine, I especially didn’t want to waste any time taking my rescue medicine.

But I was at Mass, sitting in the third pew. I didn’t want to interrupt the Mass by getting up to leave. So I waited a few minutes until a time when my departure wouldn’t be so obvious. I went to the outdoor water fountain behind the rectory garage. Its foot pedal had been removed. So I turned to the restrooms that are part of the garage. They were both padlocked.

With my frustration rising and headache pain worsening, I started the trek to the parish activity center with hopes that the doors would be unlocked. They were! I quickly took my medication and prepared to return to Mass. But something caught my eye.

When our parish raised funds for the parish activity center and other capital improvements, donors had the opportunity to have their names engraved on a leaf or rock on a wall mural of a tree. I glanced at my family’s rock and noted the passage from Scripture we included there. It reads: “All things work for good for those who love God” (Romans 8:28). That was precisely the message I needed that day!

When have you opened the Bible and immediately found a message of comfort, hope, or challenge that you needed at that particular time in your life? When have you struggled to get to Mass only to hear a message in one of the readings or homily that spoke directly to you? What was the message, and how did it change you?

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Joan McKamey works for Liguori Publications.