Social “Shiny New” Syndrome

Social “Shiny New” Syndrome

Are you pinning at Pinterest?

Who’s in your Google+ circles?

Uploaded a picturesque photo to Instagram yet?

The success of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer an opportunity for newer social networks to grab the attention of consumers hungry for online sharing. But are they hungry for something new or have they already established their social network habits thus making anything new irrelevant quickly?

My work in Catholic media makes me a slave, mostly on the weekends, to the latest social networks. I investigate, sign up and discover social network applications for Franciscan Media.

Are you still telling folks where you are with Foursquare? Who remembers Friendfeed or Plurk? Do you Stumble or Digg? Do you miss bookmarking site Delicious or still upload photos to Flickr?

Some wonder whether interaction at blogs is waning because we like to spend our time updating Facebook status, tweet while watching the Oscars or upload videos to YouTube. Who has time to read, much less write, a 250 word blog post any more?

Meanwhile, my son spends most of his time texting, collecting friends at Facebook (he rarely posts an update) and downloading apps that his friends recommend.

What are your online habits? What sites do you trust for sharing? Does anyone read longform any more?


About the Author

Barbara Baker works in Marketing in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Lisa M. Hendey

    I think you’re spot on with this — so much new stuff to discover and try out that it leaves our heads spinning and makes reading even the shortest of blog posts feel difficult to squeeze in. I hope dearly that blogging will not whither and die, but I definitely see an increase trend towards interaction in the social media sphere rather than on blogs… Keep up the great work!

    • BarbaraKB

      Agree, Lisa. I am seeing more online interaction at Facebook and less at forums and blogs. BUT, I am seeing less interaction at Twitter. Google+ is down but that’s ‘cuz all the “geeks” have burned out. In the NYTimes article, some would say online engagement is down over all and most just like to *lurk* these days. I think people know others are watching and are careful about how they post online.

  • Marc Cardaronella

    I was really into Google + for a while but…everyone’s on Facebook. I get so much more interaction from FB and Twitter that it’s hard to find the time to go onto G+. But, I met a ton of great people there…including you! With so much out there it’s difficult to find the time for another social network. Everyone’s talking about Pinterest now but I’m having a hard time getting up the motivation to try it. :-p 

    I really think blogging will always be the mainstay for people to really get their thoughts out though. That’s your space to own. But interaction might move more to the social networks. I think there’s still a lot of people that are just venturing out onto the internet and are afraid to comment on blogs…or don’t know how. 

    • BarbaraKB

      Thanks for stopping by, Marc! Funny that every new social network I try, I do meet new folks… like yourself. Perhaps that’s the benefit of trying out the “shiny new?”

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