Prayer Makeover

Prayer Makeover

When you need some prayers you probably have a few friends that immediately come to mind because you are certain their prayers work. Isn’t that a wonderful identity to have? I don’t think people would think of me in this way. Sure I pray almost every day, but storming heaven with prayers for others,  I don’t think I could go that far. I WANT to be that type of pray-er, but I let life’s clutter get in the way and interrupt my prayers.

Tomorrow will be the first day of Lent. Growing up I was taught that Lent meant I had to give up something. Sure, I understood the meaning of Lent. It is a special time of prayer, penance and sacrifice in preparation of the celebration of Easter. Mostly it was about giving up something that I enjoyed, like sodas or sweets. This year I will take a different approach to Lent. This year I am going to consciously pray every day with purpose.

I have found that if I write out a plan, I am much better with my follow through.

  • Talk to God and keep it simple – nobody knows my heart better.
  • Thank God for everything – seems fair, since he gives me everything.
  • Ask God for anything – literally anything. After all, he is God!
  • Seek God in everything – think of God’s creations – such as pets and plants.
  • Listen to God – God does speak to me, open my eyes, my ears, my heart.

Upon reflection, I am giving up something for Lent. I am giving up the clutter in my life that keeps me from being the type of pray-er that I want to be.

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Tammy Monjaras serves as the director of the customer satisfaction division. As an avid reader, she loves speaking to customers about the latest books Franciscan Media offers. Tammy is a native Texan but has called Cincinnati home for the past 15 years with her husband, Richard, children and grandchildren.
  • Trudy

    that is a very good one. I too,instead of giving up something,try to do better at something.

  • KiAnna Fleur

    “Seek God in everything – think of God’s creatures, such as pets and plants.” I add to that, having received the epiphany that technology comes from God. It’s a means of assisting us in our role as co-creators. And it shows that God wants us to enjoy this life.  The things that we traditionally give up for Lent are not bad in themselves, but taken to excess do harm. We must not use them to push God out, and that’s why we give them up. When we push *them* out, we redirect our minds, words, and hearts to Jesus our Redeemer, who was with God in the beginning, and who is God. Seek God in _every thing_ and in _every situation_!