Just What Is ‘Normal’?

Just What Is ‘Normal’?

Our Christmas tree was taken down a few weeks ago, and the only holiday décor that remains out in our home are snowmen here and there. So the house looks pretty much like it does for 11 months of each year. Yet I don’t feel like we’ve quite returned to “normal.”

I’m a fan of routine. Don’t get me wrong—I enjoy and welcome variations on the theme of routine. But having a foundation of order on which to build my day or week is a good thing. And I don’t mean simply getting up in the morning to start my day and going to bed at night. I prefer more than that (and am thankful I’m not a shift-worker whose schedule is at odds with the rest of the world). I like a basic schedule and routine that can be counted on.

Rolling with it

Lately, each morning seems to bring a change from the expected. My daughter has been sick, so that throws off her routine as well as mine. I usually do grocery shopping on Fridays, but a change in my work schedule can leave that weekly task without a good place to fit. And I don’t want to mess with my husband’s routine by running out of creamer for his morning coffee!

I can “roll with it” fairly well if needed. But having to roll with changes too much causes stress—and dizziness! How can others count on me if I’m always adjusting schedules? How can I keep on task—and complete my work well—if I constantly need to reorient myself because of interruptions? Is life really “what happens when you’re making other plans”? If that’s true, then I’ve been living it up lately.

Scripture gems that keep me grounded

When my life seems off-kilter and I need help focusing on the meaning of it all, our Lord offers me scriptural gems that help me gain perspective and keep me grounded. Here are a few favorites:

Cast all your worries upon him because he cares for you. (1 Peter 5:7)

But the Lord is faithful; he will strengthen you and guard you from the evil one. (2 Thessalonians 3:3)

The LORD is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and of great kindness. (Psalm 145:8)

Do you have a favorite Scripture passage that helps you when your life gets messy? If so, please share!

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Joan McKamey works for Liguori Publications.
  • Druther808

    Speaking of “Normal”, I have suffered from depression all of my adult life. When I am on an antidepressant that is working well I am a happy, creative wife and mother of 5. Recently my doctor changed my medication because I had been steadily gaining weight for the last 6 months (20 pounds). While waiting for the new meds to kick in I’ve turned back into my old self. Unhappy, disagreeable, angry with God. What I’m wondering is which one is the real me? The one off the meds or the one medically controlled?

    • Bridget

      Maybe you might want to be a little heavier on medication than unhappy and off it.  For the sake of your health and your families well being.  We all have crosses, I heard the little flowers father suffered from a much greater mental illness than depression.  I heard he once stood outside the monastery where his daughters were to fight and advancing army that was not there. St. Therese, pray for us.  St. Dymphna, pray for us.  St. Joseph, pray for us.  Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us.