Epiphany Moment

Epiphany Moment

Yesterday, we took down our Christmas decorations.  Many argue these decorations need to remain up since today is the Feast of the Epiphany.  But when I look at my upcoming schedule, this “work of Christmas” needed to happen yesterday.

Epiphany Tweets

On Twitter yesterday (I tweet as @CatholicMeme. Join me!), I asked my followers what I should blog about today. Most mentioned the Epiphany. I tweeted that I was “burned out” about the Christmas season thus my “epiphany” moment: I worry too much about the “work of Christmas” thus I have lost the joy of the season by the time the Feast of the Epiphany arrives!

Work of Christmas

Many of us do quite a bit of “work” for the Christmas season: the shopping, decorating and traveling lead to working extra hours to pay for these gifts, decorations and travel.

Should this be our Christmas work? How much time have we really spent in honest spiritual pursuits: prayer, volunteering at church, works of mercy or a new spiritual discipline? I confess, I did less of these spiritual Christmas pursuits this year. I spent the majority of my time with the “work of Christmas.”

My Christmas Work

But I am Catholic thus a daughter of the liturgical calendar. Another season approaches: Lent. Another opportunity to balance the work of a liturgical season with the joy, peace and happiness found in spiritual pursuits.

When is Ash Wednesday? Where are those palms from last year that I need to burn?




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  • Mckendzia

    You have time; Ash Wednesday is February 22. P.S. I’m hoping my Christmas decorations are down by then! 

  • http://the-fishermans-shoes.blogspot.com/ Robert LeBlanc

    So very true. We spend more time wrapped up in the trappings of the season (whether it’s Christmas or Easter), we tend to forget the spiritual importance. By praying on this, we can make a change for the better.