“And also with your spirit”

“And also with your spirit”

Seven weeks into the changes in the Mass, I still find myself struggling. I’ve moved beyond my initial dislike of the changes. I feel like I understand (at least most of) the reasons for the changes. But, I still find myself struggling.

What I thought would be the easiest changes—freestanding responses like “And with your spirit”—are really the hardest for me to remember. Why? Because they are so short and so automatic, I forget I need to consult the pew card. The changes I thought would be the hardest—those few words that change in the middle of a prayer—have been easier because I remember to pick up the card and read it.

I’ve noticed that my two small children distract me just enough that my automatic “And also with you” is exactly what comes out of my mouth nearly every time. In the last couple of weeks I’ve gotten a little better, and now my response changes slightly when I hear my husband saying it correctly. It comes out as “And also with your spirit.”

So, once frustrated by the fact that the words were changing, I now find myself more frustrated because I can’t remember the words changed. It’s especially frustrating because I’ve been working on our Roman Missal products since about March, so you’d think it would be top of mind. I thought that would make me better prepared to remember there are new responses, but it hasn’t. I suppose old habits are the hardest to break.

How about you? Are you having trouble remembering to consult your pew card? Are you hearing lots of “And also with your spirit” in your parish?


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Angela Glassmeyer is the institutional marketing and sales manager at Franciscan Media. She is blessed with three amazing children and a husband who both encourages and inspires her. She loves to entertain and feed large crowds of family and friends, but does not love the cleanup that comes with it. Angela has been actively involved at St. James of the Valley for almost twenty years and has served as the PSR coordinator since 2005.
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    I too find myself fumbling for the right words from time to time, and the distraction of trying to teach my son who will be celebrating his First Communion in April doesn’t help much either. In some ways, I think is part of God’s point – the responses had become too automatic and we need to think about the beauty and majesty of our dialogue with Christ. The best part… I’m finding the new words of the Creed coming to my lips as I pray my rosary without the pew card.

    For those still struggling with the reasoning behind the changes; I’ve found Fr. Robert Barron’s reflection at wordonfire.org to be very helpful.

  • John Drake

    Well, perhaps this is what the Council fathers had in mind when they talked “active” participation. It shouldn’t be rote. I find that nearly everyone at our parish is in sync with the new responses. Most don’t need to use the pew cards except at the Gloria and Creed. Even the “enter under my roof” prayer is coming naturally. 

    The new corrected translation was long overdue, and is being well accepted at the parish where I worship. 

  • Annie

    I find, that even with the pew cards, if I’m not completely alert and focused, I will stumble.  And the funny thing is that it’s something different every week! I started giggling at myself [I know, not good] two weeks ago, and the lady sitting behind me tapped my shoulder.  I thought this was in admonishment, but she was highly amused too.  It’s a bit of a comfort when the Priest stumbles a bit.  I keep wanting to ween myself from the pew card and I’ve wondered about that.  I think, perhaps it’s false pride, and clearly, I’m not ready yet!

  • Jschlameussperry

    Us, too!  Only, my kids are doing really well with the changes (they were very well trained in their Catholic school) and laugh at us when we mess up!

  • Racurac2

    oh yes…. we have the same problem. And I hear something like: “and also with spirit you your” kind of collective sound (It’s more like a cacophony). We (as a family) have decided to pay attention at each other and make quick signs when one of is saying and ALSO. It is difficult but make us pay more attention and not repeat  words  like robots! 

  • DeeDee

    I’m having the same problem and I figured that maybe it was because I’m ADD. My focus during Mass is on the altar, not on the card in my hand, so I forget to keep checking back. My husband is having the same problem, so following his lead is no help!

  • Di

    Have patience!

    I moved out of my childhood parish twenty-six years ago, have lived in five other dioceses since, and if I’m not paying enough attention I will still ask for blessings on “Our Bishop So-and-So” from my childhood during the Eucharistic Prayer! 

  • Gloria Enoch

    I would say that you have summed up exactly my own issues with the changes.  I don’t have the legitimate reason as children distracting me, however, I too get distracted.  I know that all will become as automatic as the old way in time.  Maybe it is a good thing that we have to be more alert for awhile.
    Pax et Bonum,  Gloria Enoch, SFO