Where in the World is Father Hilarion?

Where in the World is Father Hilarion?

Recently I was driving to work when I got stuck in traffic. Not going anywhere, I began to look around to pass the time. When I looked out my driver’s side window, what did I see but Franciscan Media’s very own Father Hilarion Kistner, OFM, looking down on me. No, he wasn’t actually outside my window, but his picture was. Father Hilarion was featured on a billboard for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s “Retirement Fund for Religious” campaign.

Suddenly, I began seeing Father Hilarion throughout the city on my various drives. Before long my kids got in on the game, searching billboards for a glimpse of the “famous priest I work with,” according to my six-year-old daughter. In fact, when they visited me at work last week, my two oldest kids asked if they could meet Father Hilarion. Pretty impressive considering they’re 13 and 9.

My point is: What a blessing and joy to be able to share such a shining example of the priesthood with my children—especially with the less-than-glowing press this vocation has gotten over the last 10 or so years. Seeing Father Hilarion on that billboard, knowing what a wonderful man he is and seeing my children’s reaction has made this Catholic and mom proud of that “famous priest I work with.”


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By day, Susan Hines-Brigger is the managing editor of St. Anthony Messenger. By night, she and her husband, Mark, are the caretakers and social directors for their four kids: Maddie, Alex, Riley, and Kacey.
  • Leo

    yesterdays world and how do we follow in the footsteps of Christ, suggestions by a priest named Father Hilarion Kistner OFM , Vs. Todays world with texting, twitter, facebook, surronded and engulfed.in technology that no one ever considered possible and growing by leaps and bounds. The same old message is like waiting for a street car that will never come again. We have under developed countries wheret people are starving. We have developed countries that are sacrificing their health to wait in the cold for the next windows 21 release.