Radiating Christ

Radiating Christ

Many years ago, Raul Plus SJ, wrote a book called Radiating Christ. In recent years it has been reissued. I do not remember any individual statement from that book, but it strikes me that the very title is a fine summary of spirituality.

In my community at St. Francis Seraph Friary, there are 10 confreres who radiate Christ. This does not mean that they are perfect, but their zeal and prayerfulness as well as their (usual) kindness radiate Christ. The same goes for my fellow workers at Franciscan Media. Though there may be occasional tensions, these men and women are a real inspiration. It’s always an uplift when they give a hearty greeting along with a smile, and I especially find it thrilling when they say how they love their Catholic faith.

Just think what a boon for the church it would be if every Catholic took to radiating Christ.

In fact, there are many who do so. At times, some express their disappointment in the church, and we can’t deny that we are all sinners to a greater or lesser degree. But if all individuals did what they could to radiate Christ and pray for the church (as well as for the whole world), we would be at least a little bit closer to living with the joy of the freedom of the children of God. Radiating Christ would be a marvelous proclamation of the kingdom of God.

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Hilarion Kistner, O.F.M., after ordination in 1955, did further studies in Scripture. He taught Scripture to seminarians for 15 years. He has been editor of Sunday Homily Helps for more than 25 years.