My Favorite Christmas

My Favorite Christmas

I can’t remember having a better Christmas!

My aunt, uncle and two cousins drove in from California (!) to join me, my husband, my mom and my grandfather for six days of eating, laughing, hanging out and just generally being happy.

Taylor strikes a pose with the meal he made during our visit to California in September 2011.

Having my family around me makes me feel whole. As an only child, I have a special bond with my cousins, Taylor and Harley, who are 19 and 18 years old. They’re something like younger siblings to me, but it’s more than that really: They are pieces of me.

They are both artists, whose creativity and brilliance inspires me. They also are two of the most kind and gentle spirits I know. Their hearts are huge and wholly genuine — a tribute to the love and honesty with which they have been raised.

When I’m with them, they make me a better person. I actually think they make me the person I’m supposed to be. With Taylor and Harley, I don’t have to worry if I’m good enough or if I’m getting “it” right. I’m free to act goofy and be a little rough around the edges. I just get to be me.

That’s one heck of a Christmas gift.


Photo at top left: Harley and I at the LA County Fair, September 2011


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