Benedictine Spirituality from a Lay Person: Conclusion (part 7 of 7)

Benedictine Spirituality from a Lay Person: Conclusion (part 7 of 7)


  • Obedience … living within and on the basis of God’s word… as the right way to worship God…. prayer, the self-opening of the human spirit to God, is true worship” (Jesus of Nazareth, part two, p.233). 
  • Chastity is more than a way of life; it is respect of that [chaste] life.
  • Poverty: Do you allow your possessions to dictate your life or do you open your heart to invite the will of God into your life to help guide you to His Kingdom? 
  • Stability means being rooted in Christ, no matter what happens, especially amidst the trials and tribulations of our daily lives.
  • Conversatio: We are human; we are not perfect; we make mistakes; we will at times fail.  “Christ is the chain that binds us… and we are all bound to one another.”  (Brother Benet Tvedten, O.S.B.)


These are not just “vows” that are independent of each other, that we can pick and chose which one best suit are needs. 


They are intertwined together as a promise to commit ourselves to put the Gospel into practice in the very concrete details of our everyday life (taken from 


God gives us His word in Scripture for knowledge.  Jesus gave us his life as an example to live.  God give us His gift of salvation through the Sacraments to help us receive His Grace.  Prayer opens up our hearts to communicate with God.


At the beginning of this series, I stated what I believe to be God’s goal for humanity: to live eternally as one family in the Kingdom of God.  How close are we to reaching this goal – individually and globally?


Merry Christmas!


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Michael Glassmeyer is a lifelong Catholic who has spent the past several years examining his own faith and beliefs in an attempt to understand the beliefs and actions of others involving local, state, national, and world events. Michael lives in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, and is married with three children. (@MPGlassmeyer)