Rebranding and New Name for St. Anthony Messenger Press

Rebranding and New Name for St. Anthony Messenger Press

Franciscan Media—formerly known as St. Anthony Messenger Press, and for more than 118 years a presence in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine—has rebranded and changed its name to better reflect the roots of its mission and its drive to meet the changing needs of the Catholic faith community.

The nonprofit publisher is the largest English-language Franciscan communications company in the world. It operates a national magazine, two book imprints, one of the Internet’s top Catholic websites, a syndicated radio program, a parish-resources division and an e-card business. It also produces audiobooks, videos, apps and other digital resources.

Franciscan Media: Live in Love. Grow in Faith.

The company’s changes include a renewed corporate identity for Franciscan Media, with a fresh logo and the Franciscan-influenced tagline, “Live in love, Grow in faith.”  The logo features a circular symbol reminiscent of an “F,” as well as of a dove, a cross or a crossroads.

“The image is intended to mean all of those things, depending on the viewer’s mindset,” explains Barbara K. Baker, Director of Marketing, Sales and Internet.

To read more about this exciting change, visit the new Franciscan Media website.



About the Author

Barbara Baker works in Marketing in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Guest

    Congratulations to everyone at Franciscan Media!  Great to see this change happening.  It will connect more people to the wisdom of St. Francis and to the work of modern Franciscans.

    I like the logo.

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  • Jclem413

    Hi Barbara,
    I like the new logo. Will take me a bit of time to not be calling you St. Anthony Messanger Press, but think it is a good change. BIG fan of you all and keep up the good work. Enjoyed meeting you at the CNMC in Kansas City. Merry Christmas.

    God Bless,
    John Clem