Preparing the Way

Preparing the Way

Advent is quickly approaching. I’m so concerned with November birthdays and Thanksgiving that it pretty much sneaks up on me every year. While it’s not all bad to be distracted by giving thanks, I should not forget to prepare the way of the Lord.

Growing up, most years we had a wreath on our table and I always received an Advent calendar at school. I do remember going to an occasional “Advent wreath making” event at church, but I don’t really remember looking forward to something that we did during every Advent.

Yesterday, a coworker was telling me of his family’s Advent tradition: Every night before dinner, their oldest child lights the candle(s) and they all sing a verse of “O Come, O Come Emmanuel.” After dinner, they rotate which child gets to blow out the candle(s).

This simple conversation has inspired me to come up with an Advent tradition for my family. My goal is something to help us understand and appreciate Advent, and maybe eventually pass the tradition on in my own kids’ families, too. I know it has to be simple, so we can continue it—and it has to be meaningful, so we want to continue it. I have less than two weeks to figure something out.

 What are your Advent traditions? Do you have any?



To help prepare your heart for Advent, St. Anthony Messenger Press offers two day-by-day Advent books:

Advent with the Saints by Greg Friedman, O.F.M.

Rediscover Advent by Matthew Kelly



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Angela Glassmeyer is the institutional marketing and sales manager at Franciscan Media. She is blessed with three amazing children and a husband who both encourages and inspires her. She loves to entertain and feed large crowds of family and friends, but does not love the cleanup that comes with it. Angela has been actively involved at St. James of the Valley for almost twenty years and has served as the PSR coordinator since 2005.
  • Mckendzia

    Our family prays before meals, as well. We use a page-a-day book, taking turns reading the Scripture citation, reflection, and prayer. If there is a suggested activity, we might mention how we could do that activity. Finally, we light the Advent wreath, one candle during the first week, two the second, and so on. (We usually have to have a backup set of candles, because they burn out fast when they’re lit every night!)

    Even though both my children are away at school, my husband and I continue this practice ourselves — and of course, with any company we may have at meals during Advent.