Changing It Up

Changing It Up

I’m doing something different—starting today. I’m right-handed but have switched my mouse buttons so that I can use the mouse with my left hand. No, this wasn’t my idea—my massage therapist has been suggesting it for some time—but I’m game.

Change, change, go away!

Change can be difficult. Some of us just don’t welcome change of any kind. I’m pretty good with change—most of the time. It helps if the reason for the change makes sense to me or I anticipate something good coming from it. Change for the sake of change is more challenging.

We’ve all been asked to change some of the words we use in our prayers at Mass. This change, like my attempt to use my left hand for mousing, is very recent. Some of us have been better prepared for these changes than others. Some of us embrace these changes while others resist them or simply “don’t get” why they’re needed.

Change, change, here to stay…

Yes, I stumbled through some of the prayers at Mass on Sunday. So did the people sitting around me. So did our priest. As with any change, it’s going to take a while to get used to the new wordings in both our spoken and sung prayers.

One positive I see in all this change is that I will be more attentive for a while to what I’m saying, singing and hearing at Mass. The same is true of my computer work. I may stumble a bit and mess up here and there, but, in the end, I’ll muddle through without too much difficulty. Afterall, what’s happening at Mass is the same, we’re just changing a few words here and there. And I’ll soon learn to use my left hand for mousing and may experience less pain in my right arm/shoulder/neck as a result.

Am I a fan of change? Not always. Do I see a need for change at times? Yes. Is change a part of growing. Yes! So, count me in!

If you’re struggling with change of any kind in your life right now, you’ll find the November 2011 issue of Every Day Catholic relevant. It’s titled “The Challenge and Promise of Change.”

With any change—welcome or thrust upon us—we’ll get through it best if we cling to our Lord’s hand and attempt to see the situation through God’s eyes.

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Joan McKamey works for Liguori Publications.
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    Love the graphic, Joan! Good points and good luck with that left-handed mouse!