Autumn Pursuits

Autumn Pursuits

Here in New England, the leaves are changing, the air is crisp and the days are a lot shorter. It’s definitely my favorite season—and here are some of my favorite reasons:

Candles—Two weeks ago my husband and I took a day trip to Massachusetts to the Yankee Candle flagship store. We wondered if it would live up to its claim of being the state’s second most popular tourist attraction, and we were not disappointed. This is the Disney World of candles—you literally could spend hours in room after deliciously scented room. We took a break for lunch at Chandler’s (it means “candlemaker”) and then loaded up on candles—because there’s nothing like candlelight to cheer you up when darkness falls so early.

Knitting—On the way to Yankee Candle, we stopped at the largest yarn shop in the U.S., Webs. Here was another place to spend hours at (in my opinion, not my husband’s). I managed to pick up some yarn for a sweater—because fall is sweater weather and perfect for knitting with the candles burning and the Packers playing on TV.

Books—Fall is the time for diving into the stack of books that has grown during the summer. Mysteries are my favorites, but when it comes to nonfiction, I have this whole bookshelf full of all the Servant Books titles. Since I’ve only been with Servant since January, many of these backlist titles are new to me. And while Servant keeps coming out with wonderful new titles, don’t forget about our wonderful backlist. I’ve been enjoying Catholic and Christian for Young Adults by Alan Schreck, Ph.D., Safely Through the Storm by Debra Herbeck, and 39 New Saints You Should Know by Brian O’Neel, just to name a few. All three of these authors have new books coming out soon, but if you haven’t checked these out, fall’s the time!

This season is all too short so enjoy the fall color while you can. What are your favorite autumn pursuits? I’d love to hear about them!
Photo: Ben Wilson 

About the Author

Claudia Volkman is a director of product development for Servant Books. She and her husband, Scott, live in Florida, where she enjoys walking, knitting, and spending time with her Corgis.