Lino Rulli’s new book is here!

Lino Rulli’s new book is here!

I am really excited about Lino Rulli’s new book, Sinner: The Catholic Guy’s Funny, Feeble Attempts to Be a Faithful Catholic. Not only is the book laugh-out-loud funny (yes, The Catholic Guy’s humor transfers seamlessly from radio to print), but Lino’s got some really sound theological points woven into his candid collection of failures, successes, and embarrassing moments.

Take this one, for example:

“I don’t believe in soul mates because it just doesn’t make theological sense. Our souls are complete the way they are. At the moment of conception, God places a unique and eternal soul in each person. We’re not incomplete until meeting that other person. Someone else may add joy, but my soul is just fine being single.”

When I read that excerpt, I promptly posted it on my Facebook page. It’s something that I’ve felt all along, yet never been able to articulate in quite that manner.

Lino proves that it’s possible to take your faith seriously while not taking yourself too seriously. If you haven’t experienced Lino’s real, personable, down-to-earth way, check out this video.

Lino’s humble approach to being Catholic in this book makes it a great read. For me, it’s a comforting reminder that nobody’s perfect, and though our journeys and struggles are unique, together we’re united in our desire to be faithful.


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