How Do You ‘Fix’ Grief?

How Do You ‘Fix’ Grief?

August not only marks the end of summer but for me it closed the chapter of a dear friend’s life. Grieving for my friend Pat, I realized that I was not the only one mourning for her. Pat was very involved with the local high school, especially the marching band. That was how I got to know Pat and her family. So, not only do her husband and children grieve for Pat, her band family has lost a good friend and supporter. Shortly after her death, friends gathered to remember Pat. Hopefully grieving together relieved some of the initial pain and loss.

My natural instinct when something is not right is to “fix” it. How do you “fix” grief? Often I have found a simple hug is all I can give, then later a card and always prayer. I am never sure if this is enough. Having experienced several significant losses in my life I can tell you what I most appreciated were hugs, notes and phone calls of sympathy and encouragement and gestures of kindness. Those acts of kindness did not “fix” my grief but they certainly were good Band-Aids®.

Alone, grieving for my friend I found Scripture comforting. Matthew 5:4 states: “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” Isn’t God good to give us words of comfort!

So now life carries on for all of us–without Pat. What we are left with are great memories, snapshots of a life that was full of grace and kindness. We as a “band family” will miss Pat.

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