God’s on the Phone

God’s on the Phone

Cooler weather arrived in time for Labor Day. It was one hundred degrees the Saturday before. On Labor Day it was 62 and windy. Our picnic for the friars in Cincinnati chilled me to the core and reminded us that the autumn is just around the corner.

Autumn is wonderful. Trees are painted and bursting with colors. Fallen leaves crunch underfoot. The scent of wet soil being regenerated by old vegetation. These are all part of the autumn season that I love.

Autumn is nature’s call to reflect about life, to enjoy sunny afternoons and to feel the presence of God.

My spiritual reading these days is a collection of true stories entitled God’s on the Phone: Stories of Grace in Action by Regis J. Flaherty. The title story about “God on the phone” expresses the author’s faith that divine providence can be revealed even when someone dials a wrong number. Flaherty is a wise narrator who can identify the presence of God revealed in relationships—with his grandpa, with his wife, children and grandchildren, in discerning about a new job offer. Even the pain of bending to genuflect on an injured knee opens vistas of grace in his telling. I can relate to that!

God’s on the Phone is touching, humorous and profound. It is great spiritual reading. Scripture quotations, short prayers, questions or action steps round out each narrative and move readers to prayer.

God’s on the Phone: Stories of Grace in Action
Regis J. Flaherty

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Dan Kroger, O.F.M., a native of Cincinnati, joined the Franciscans in 1967 and was ordained in 1973. He taught high school and served in rural parishes in the Philippines. Dan earned a Ph.D. in Christian ethics at Notre Dame. He also taught at De La Salle University, Manila, until he was assigned to his present post as publisher/CEO at Franciscan Media in 2006.